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Zillow Training

This page has information from our account executive, Austin Ferguson on best practices using Zillow to convert leads as a Zillow Premier Agent.

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REBA Zillow Trainer & Team Assistant

Glenda Briley


Live Connection Scripts

OPENING & CLOSING script for Live Connections – this framework should be your consistent play-by-play for every call without variance


INTRO:  (high energy & excitement) 

"Hello this is __________, with *insert brokerage*, your Premier Agent from Zillow.

 "I see you clicked on ______________ (insert home address).  When would you like to see it?"

MIDDLE:  Follow with a series of questions to engage in a conversation about their overall search, not the home itself, and secure the appt. again at the end letting them know you will confirm w/ the listing agent, and make a plan to meet at the home or offer a Virtual Showing & set an appt. time that way:

  • When would you like to see it?... “Great! I’ll check to see if that time slot is available; while I'm doing that, tell me…”

  • What other properties did you want to see in the area?  (misdirect to prevent them from being hyper-focused on single property questions)

  • What about this property was most attractive to you?   “…what drew you to this house?"  

  • How long have you been looking in the area? / When are you needing to move?  (important to create urgency of timeline)

  • Have you been out to see other properties?” - if they say yes…

  • Were you driving around or did someone take you to see homes?  (how to find out if they're working with an agent without asking them abruptly) Use: “Is that someone you intend to use all the way thru your home purchase, or would you be open to letting me show you how I take care of my clients?”


  • How to check financing status:  ”I see this home is *insert price*, is that the range of home value you’re looking for?  (then) “Great, is that b/c you’re paying cash or were you financing?” 


(discreet way to find out pre-approval status – don’t go into how/why that’s needed yet, mentally mark it as a point of where they are in the process, and use this as a hook to offer value & education for them to meet for an appt. – (“Oh so you’ll be financing this home, sounds great. That’s something I can help you with when we meet, I have some great options to show you on that part of this process as well.”)


  • How to handle leads that have an agent:  "I respectfully need to direct you to work with your agent because they’re supposed to be responsible for your real estate needs. I’m happy to take down their name & let them know you reached out for help.  However, I do want to let you know that I’m a top agent in this market for ___ (insert statement of professional strength) and I deliver impeccable customer service.  I would love a chance to show you why if ever given the chance in the future, so if you ever need help or have any real estate-related questions, here's my contact info."  **then use Best of Zillow ending call script to ensure they leave you a positive survey**



Use the My Agent Feature – lock & protect all Zillow contacts for a year to your profile, & how to segment leads from your Inbox.


To your client, introduce MyAgent one of these ways:

 Option 1 – “MyAgent is like a Zillow friend request, it lets us share properties directly from Zillow to save time & protect you from getting spam calls by other agents every time you ‘favorite’ a home.”

 Option 2 – when setting an appointment say, “Now that we have a time set, I'm going to send you a text from Zillow that will confirm I'm the agent who'll be showing you the property, please click yes once you receive it."

 ALWAYS: Send your profile link web address ( ) via text, which will ensure you have their number & they have yours in their phone immediately.


Zillow "My Agent" Tool

Review Requst Templates


Template 1:

Hello! I wanted to thank you so much for working with me in finding your new home. I have a small favor to ask that would be very appreciated.

Please take 2 minutes to write a 5-star review on my Zillow profile, so I can hopefully help someone else just like you!


Here’s my direct link:


(You’ll login with a User ID to ensure privacy, your contact info will not be shared publicly)


Template 2:

Please take 2 minutes to review me on Zillow! This is tremendously valuable to my business, so thank you in advance for your help.

I enjoyed working with you, please let me know anything else you need in the future. I always appreciate referrals! 


Here’s my direct link: (Add your link here)

Best of Zillow

Customer Survey

ALWAYS Mention the survey to each connection at the end of the call:

 (Script) “Before I hang up, I wanted to let you know at some point today you’ll receive a short survey from Zillow about our phone call.  It’s very important to us that we take great care of our clients, so is there anything else I can do for you today to make sure you’re happy?”

More information on Best of Zillow

Customer Surveys

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