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State of Alaska
Real Estate Commission Education Requirements

This page lists the State of Alaska Real Estate Commission Licensee Education and Renewal Requirements.

Note, always visit the State of Alaska Real Estate Commission site for the most up-to-date information.

Requirements by Type
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New Licensee


Associate Broker

Required DCE Topics

For Renewal by Jan 31, 2026

Situational Ethics (2)

Property Disclosure & Inspections (1)

Contract & Real Estate Licensing Law (2)

Prohibited Conduct (1)

Advertising & Social Media (1)

Licensee Relationships (1)

ECE Topics 

For Renewal by January 31, 2026

12 ECE Credits in any of the following topics approved by Real Estate Commission.

List Coming Soon from Real Estate Commission

Computer Keyboard
Broker/Associate Broker Licensing Requirements

In accordance with AS 08.88.171, a person desiring to acquire any type of real estate license in Alaska must:

  • Pass the appropriate exam.

  • Not be under indictment for a felony or other crime that in, in the judgment of the Commission, affects the individual’s ability to practice as a real estate salesperson competently and safely or under indictment for forgery, theft, extortion, conspiracy to defraud creditors, or fraud.

  • Apply for licensure within six months after passing the exam.

  • Pay the appropriate fees [12 AAC 64.073 and 12 AAC 02.360].

  • Meet the appropriate education requirements.

  • Obtain and maintain E&O insurance.

Additional Requirements for Broker's License

An applicant wishing to become a licensed broker must complete 30 classroom hours of approved broker training.

A person must have completed 36 consecutive months within the last 60 months as a real estate licensee, and real estate must have been his/her principal occupation; he must either own a real estate business or work as the broker for a corporation or partnership.


A corporation or partnership can have only one broker in charge. If a second person, meeting the qualifications of a broker, holds an ownership position or is employed by the company, that person is considered an associate broker.

If a broker no longer meets the conditions of ownership or corporate employment, his/her broker license is suspended until such time as that status is resumed; alternatively, he/she may become an associate broker in another broker's office.

A person who has been convicted of a felony of one of the types listed above may not be granted a broker's license until seven years after the complete sentence has been served. [AS 08.88.171(a)].

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