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Log in to ListReports and connect with a Mortgage Lender from Mortgage Brokers of Alaska to access tools to automatically create beautiful digital or print marketing kits specifically for your properties branded to you & your MBOA Loan Officer. The ability to order print materials from Fed Ex is also available.  


Click the logo to create your agent portal and connect to your MBOA Loan officer.

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Create an Account and Set up your Profile

When you start an account with ListReports as a licensee you will need to choose a loan originator to partner with. MBOA currently has an account for REBA licensees to partner with in the system. Then go in and create your profile, you will add your license number and MLS (ours is listed as Alaska Multiple Listing Service. Add all your contact information and your bio to round out your profile.


Visit the Resources tab

ListReports has a great amount of help resources including ListReports 101: Keys to Success other webinars and video tutorials to get you started making amazing marketing kits for your listings!


Visit the Sharables tab

Under the Sharables tab there are daily sharables that you can choose to use in your social media marketing campaigns. Review all the different categories and pick the ones that reflect you and your business. 

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