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Reminder: Residential & Condominium Listings in MLS

Updated: Apr 1, 2022

In September of 2009, The AK MLS Board of Directors changed the policy regarding Residential and Condominium listings. Please review the policy below.

The tax record will be the governing authority over whether a property will be in Residential or Condominium.

If it is a Single Family Residential in Tax, it must be in the Residential Property Class. (no exceptions)

If it is a Single Family Condominium, it must be in the Condominium Property Class. (exceptions listed below)

Additional listings between Residential and Condominium will no longer be allowed. (Additional listings across other Property Classes will still be allowed)

In February of 2012, MOA re-designated some projects as UCIOA: Single Family. The tax numbers remain in the ‘condo’ format, but they are to be considered Residential for listing purposes. These projects are the only exceptions to the above rule at this time.


Atwood Estates (Bob Atwood Way, Evangeline Lane)

Caribou Hill (Caribou Hill Place, Glacier Street)

Cook Inlet Planned Community (Cook Inlet Loop)

Meadow View (Meadow View Drive, Meadow Lark Way, Spruce Meadows Loop)

Moss Creek (Heather Meadows Loop, Moss Creek Avenue)

Nantucket Square (Gregg Lane)

Oak Ridge (Oak Ridge Drive)

Ocean Breeze (Dailey Avenue)

Sea Breeze (Breeze Court, Huffman Road)

These are the only projects that have changed.

If you are in doubt of whether a new listing should be Residential or Condominium, be sure to check the tax record for clarification.

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