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The Transaction Process

The Listing

1. The AREC

2. The Appointment/Listing Presentation

3. The Exclusive Right To Sell

4. Real Estate Brokers Affiliate Disclosure

5. Bill of Sale

6. Property Disclosure

7. Additional Document as needed:

- Lead-Based Paint Disclosure

- As-Built

- Platt Map

- Other Disclosures as needed


- Enter Listing into SkySlope

- Schedule Pictures

- Schedule other property needs, lawn care, home staging, and repairs needed to list.

- Enter/Update Client information in CHIME,

- Enter Listing Documents including Photos into MLS using ADD LISTING Tab.

8. The Offer is Accepted

- Purchase and Sale Agreement fully signed

- Counter Offer fully signed

- Bill of Sale fully signed

- Property Disclosure fully signed

- Pend Property in MLS, adding buyers agent

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